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Giving Back

WE GIVE BACK: Though we cannot be called a non-profit label, each of our artists are asked if a percentage of their sales can be gifted to those who are less-privileged and programs committed to social justice (movement towards a more just world) throughout the world, particularly programs that support youth and the arts. There is no doubt that music sales are struggling these days but Pluralistic Records is not about profits.


Most of those who know me, understand that I have found my calling: I’m 100% committed to the arts (particularly EDM) and 100% steadfast in the fight for social justice. I have been a part of dance music culture since 1993 and spent many years in higher education (undergraduate and graduate school) studying, practicing, and teaching social justice. I have often tried to separate the two for reasons unknown; yet, Pluralistic Records has given me an opportunity to bridge the two, in very simple ways. While I was coming to fruition as a young person, the Minneapolis rave scene and hip-hop culture (one of the best in the world) gave me a great sense of unity.

Let me say it candidly: I have always been enormously impressed by the Minneapolis hip-hop community; overall, they are principled, intellectual, gifted, and have unwaveringly given back to the community. They support local youth, social justice movements, and the education community - all while managing incredible music careers. They are a community in which to be enormously proud. Meanwhile, the dance community in Minneapolis (and most parts of the world) fail to be seen as philanthropic or socially responsible. Many are amazing individuals - wonderful friends - but as a whole, WE have not done our part to fight for our principles of a "PLUR”" community. Pluralistic Records is a conduit in which we can live differently. Over the years, I have worked with a handful of amazing organizations that support low-income youth, the arts, and other social justice endeavors globally. While living in South Africa (where I return often), I came in contact with some of the most incredible individuals making a place for themselves - never forgetting that they are a part of a bigger family. “Ubuntu!” Our humanity is bound by the humanity of others - I am me because of you. These are the folks who gave so much to me; I can only give back to them and all others who fight for a better world. Your purchase of Pluralistic Records music can and will help! My thanks go to you and our artists; it is all of you who have chosen to support our mission!

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