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about jedX

Whether it's techy, soulful, deep, disco or just straight house, Jed's production is always funky. Growing up in California, he found great inspiration in artists such as DJ Dan, Donald Glaude, Mark Farina and Chuck Love. His releases span the globe from Royal Hour in Serbia to State side heavyweights InStereo Recordings, Guesthouse and Dopewax. In 2015, Jed had the #1 selling track on Traxsource for InStereo Recordings - Urban Vandal.  And in 2016 he had tracks featured on both DJ Dan and Kenny Dope's albums and collaborated with Dan, Sean Sines, Felipe Avelar and Tim Brown.  2017 is also looking good for Jed with his track Industry sitting at #1 selling track for Derrick Carter on Traxsource and debut releases on Juiced, Mood Funk and Bid Muzik.  He is also featured on DJ Dan's 2017 album 15 Years of InStereo.


A musician at heart with funk in his blood, JedX has progressed from guitarist to dj to producer. While you will still catch him jamming on his axe during dj sets, his true passion is for moving the crowd. The energy that he brings to his performances is incomparable, with turntablist skills and an ear for infectious tracks that keep dance floors filled. Jed truly loves what he does!


Over the years Jed's sound has progressed, melded and recycled itself. He spent the year of 2001-2002 studying abroad and spinning the local club scene in Manchester, UK. Then he returned to Seattle and teamed up with djs Cojo and The Rukkus to form a 2x4 tag team trio known as The Technicians. By 2005, Jed started bringing organic flavoring to his dj performances by adding live guitar. Then, in 2008, he was joined by Akheenu Musa on percussion. This pushed the envelope even further in bridging the gap between the digital and organic realms of electronic music.

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