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Released 10.15.15

Scrubfish is reckless, unpredictable, and uncooked. This is exactly why he’s one of THE best. His timeless jams have ruined speakers from your mama’s ipad to the Love Parade.

Pluralistic: “Hey Scrubs, got a few tracks for Pluralistic?”
Scrubs: “Sure” (sends and we listen)
Pluralistic: “Sure, we’ll take those!” (unspoken “F**k him, Wow!”)

The EP begins with “Kink In My Neck;” a nod to all Enemies of the Public. Appropriate for Pluralistic Records, don’t you think? We are, of course, democratic socialists over here. Regardless, this track is consistent with the uncooked and timelessness mentioned previously. Techy bips, raw vocal chops from a hip-hop era the world will never see again, and just plain neck kinking! From there, Scrubs takes us on a more soulful journey through...calmly…BOMB ASS HOUSE MUSIC. “White Noise” is anything but; although, it is possible there is some kind of subliminal messaging going on in the track because when we hear it, we CAN’T……..STOP……….MOVING………HELP! Get on it!

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