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Released 10.15.15

The funky Japanese gentleman, Roland, probably didn’t think much of Nate Laurence or Scrubfish when he designed his TB-303 in the early 80’s. BUT THAT HASN’T STOPPED THEM! This Pluralistic release took all the Pierre, Hurley, and D-Mob we could yank from our psychedelic ‘S’Express’ raver phatties!


Okay….okay…Nate and Scrubs dip this one in tie-dye and you know it. While Scrub’s “German Chocolate” is a bit more on the monochromatic face-plant side, Nate’s original “Eugene’s Hippy Kids” (who are exactly that) and “German Chocolate” remix are good enough to be sold on the rack of Simpsons of Piccadilly.


The one-and-only Terry Mullan (Catalyst Recordings) had this to say about the EP:


“….yo ! for realz for realz ! THIS EP SLAMS FUCKING HARD !!! YOU DONE GOOD WORK ! FULL SUPPORT !! CAN'T WAIT TO BANG THIS WEEKEND !! (end caps !! but not exclamation points !!!!!!!! ) wink emoticon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Eat, sleep, rave!

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