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Released 07/28/2017

We here at Pluralistic Records are exceedingly picky; growing the roster has taken some time. Fear not…the roster has grown by one. Introducing Jed X (California, USA)…whom…on first listen, had us HOOKED. You will be too! You’ll wanna…wanna…wanna touch it! It’s money!

“What I Want” voyages on terrain that expertly fuses Littlemen-esk sample sequencing with the pushing sounds of the early 2000s. You WANT this track.

El Rey de la Rumba would be proud of Jed’s next jam, “The Touch.” Mid-track, Jed rolls from Havana and nearby Matanzas to a smoke-filled backroom in New York. The track is spicy, swirling, and well….check it out!

Finally, Jed gives us something jazzy…a bit psychedelic…a late-night chill spell, with his track “Money.”

Our first EP by Jed is suave, groovy, sultry, sexy, and certified dope on all levels. Thanks for picking up the EP!

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