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about scrubfish

Scott Kammer (Scrubfish) has the it factor: in 1999 this Chicago native started a journey that has catapulted him into the global top ranks of new-school house production. Entirely self-taught, Scott figured out how to mold and manipulate sounds to mimic the ideas fighting to get out of his head (inspired by the funky, disco house flavor of the time). With inexhaustible pressure to better himself, Scott soon picked up the ones and twos and fastened a reputable start as a unique DJ. There is no doubt that his work has paid off and his advancement in production has laid a solid foundation for a style that is his, alone. In 2006, Nate Laurence and Scrubfish began a partnership that has collectively brought them to great heights. Their first release on the infamous Control Recordings peaked "Sleepless Cold Nights" to the number 2 spot on the Top100 and in 2008, their dancefloor bomb Disco Papacy was selected as one of Traxsources Best of 2008. Each new release has outshined subsequent releases; and, every track to date has reached Top100 lists worldwide while getting play from some of the world's finest DJs. Today, you can catch Scrubfish on labels such as Guesthouse, Spatula City, Control, Blockhead, Funkfield, Guess Who, and many others... appears on labels: Spatula City, Flapjack, Control Recordings, Guesthouse, Guess Who, Blockhead, Flatpack Traxx, Union Recordings, and Sole Priority.

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