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PLURALISTIC RECORDS was started by Nate Laurence in 2015.


OUR MISSION: Pluralistic Records is committed to Electronic Dance Music's original roots of diversity and creating community through rhythm. We do this by releasing unique music while giving back to our global community.


OUR MUSIC: Pluralistic Records releases distinct and unique tracks that cross the boundaries between Chicago, Detroit, disco house, and tech house...or simply, house. When it's appropriate, we push out other genre. Our music drives and is intended to push the dance-floor.

WE GIVE BACK: Though we cannot be called a non-profit label, each of our artists are asked if a percentage of their sales can be gifted to those who are less-privileged and programs committed to social justice (movement towards a more just world) throughout the world, particularly programs that support youth and the arts. There is no doubt that music sales are struggling these days but Pluralistic Records is not about profits.


Please consider reading our statement on BLACK LIVES here.

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