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LOCATION: Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.

ALIASES: DRUBES, Boom-Tiss PHD, Laurence, Dj Unity, Rocco Docko

GROUPS: Scrubfish & Laurence, Scrubfish ‘N Laurence, HotDish, Rhythm Renewal


OWNER: Pluralistic Records, Do U Boo Records, MNBiz


RESIDENT: First Avenue Nightclub (2009-2014), Minneapolis, MN, USA / Domo (2016-2017), Minneapolis, MN, USA / JetSet (2005-2007), Minneapolis, MN, USA


LABEL AFFILIATIONS: Beat Thesis, Control Recordings, Delecto Recordings, Delta Blue Records, Do U Boo Records, Down Right Dirty Records, Flapjack Records, Flatpack Traxx, Funkfield Recordings, Funk Mansion Recordings, Guesthouse Music, Guess Who Recordings, Hi! Reaction, InStereo Recordings, Junky Trunk Records, Love Network, Maracuja Records, Meltin Funk Records, Midwest Hustle, Mindtravel Recordings, Onethirty Recordings, Pluralistic Records, Phunk Junk Records, Reason 2 Funk Records, Restricted Access Recordings, Serial Sickness, Soul Fuel, Spatula City Records, Tight Recordings, Twisted Minds Records, Union Recordings, Whitebeard Recordings.





If persistence and passion is a recipe for success, Nate Laurence (Minneapolis, MN, USA) characterizes the journey. Nate is, of course, the quadruple threat: veteran DJ since 1994, prolific producer, event-architect, and label owner.


Nate has always been a DJ first. Once known as DJ Unity - a patron of former Minneapolis 90's RAVE troupe "UNIK Communications" - Nate has labored for his place in house music. Amid absurd energy behind the decks - layered with dexterous turntablism - Nate impresses even the most cynical critics one at a time leaving “wows” in his wake. Today, Nate remains active with gigs reaching as far as Europe, Southern Africa, and throughout North America, including: the Sizzled Festival (Cape Town); Classics events (Halifax); legendary Even Further events (Somewhere, WI); and, everything else from map-point events to well-known nightclubs.

After living in his second home of Cape Town, South Africa in 2001, Nate focused on production. Since then, his discog has grown at a reputable pace. Along with producer Scrubfish (Torrfisk), Nate had rookie releases on DJ Dan’s InStereo and Brian Jones’ Control Recordings. In time, Nate proved his aptitude as a gifted producer. His distinct tech-meets-Chicago style has continued to mature, signing EPs with Guesthouse, Funkfield, Love Network, Onethirty, Mindtravel, and Flapjack Records to name but a few. He has also provided remixes for some of the biggest names in EDM: DJ Dan, Inland Knights, Chuck Love, Bryan Jones, and many others.

In 2008 Nate created "HotDish." HotDish is both a collaborative of DJs (Nate and good friend J Matthews) and an event crew that has become an illustrious house movement in Minneapolis. Though national and international bookings keep him busy, in 2009 Nate fulfilled an enduring aspiration and true privilege by becoming a resident DJ at the legendary First Avenue Nightclub in Minneapolis.

In 2011, Nate began a new philanthropic record label, Pluralistic Records ( Pluralistic Records releases distinct and unique tracks that cross the boundaries between Chicago, Detroit, disco house, and tech house...or simply, house. His most recent venture is DO U BOO Records (, an imprint of Pluralistic - dedicated to ghetto, tech, and other genre.

Notably, Nate (the academic) is also a Social Justice advocate, activist, and on the faculty in the School of Social Work at the University of Minnesota. This part of him is infused in his music, his branding, and all that he works to accomplish. Keep your eyes open for this talented and very different househead - who continues to give his all to keep the music fresh and far-reaching.



"Nate's production is off the hook!  I'm always keeping an eye out for new talent and when I heard his collaborations with Scrubfish I was completely sold and knew I needed him to remix some tracks off my album. His productions always get a strong reaction on the dance floor." - DJ Dan, Los Angeles USA (In Stereo, Moonshine, Kinetic, Warner Bros)


“Ever since Nate first started sending me tunes, I’ve been asking him if they are available and signing as many as I can for my labels. I want to get as much now as I can because I know once other labels catch wind of his productions, he will be very busy. The releases he did for my label Control have been killin’ it on the dancefloor time and time again.”

- Bryan Jones, Chicago USA (Control, OM, Fetish, iRecords, Ministry of Sound)


“Nate Laurence......huge muscles, supreme physique, stunningly good looking, and he also djs! Nate works great in all situations from brisks to bar mitzvahs and also spreads easily on toast. I recommend him with a side of Scrubfish for all around jackin good times on the dance floor. Together they are the Wayne & Garth of new school house; definitely to be worldwide phenomenons soon and at least get two movie deals out of this whole thing. Nate Laurence, party time, excellent.” - The Sound Republic, Chicago USA (Spatula City, Guesthouse, Aroma, Control, Dae)


“When Nate and his collabs caught my ear in 2006, I saved the URL in C:…Documents and (a very lonely folder mind you)! Since then, I’ve watched him continue to perfect his sound (a unique take on something I already love) and turn into a MONSTER jack producer. If you’re into soulful, bangin-ass house and aren’t already playing his stuff - that tells me you haven’t heard his music. Do not sleep.” - Carson Carr / Busy / Real Time Hand Motion, Nashville USA (Jackin’ Tracks, Oomph, Spatula City, Lingo)


Sept 24, 2021 - ClusterFunk @ Belly of the Beast - Minneapolis, MN



Aug 30, 2021 - House of Heathens on PRIME8RADIO - Global


July 23, 2021 - Belly of the Beast (Birthday Show) - Minneapolis, MN


June 12, 2021 - Out of the Darkness + Into the Light - Minneapolis, MN

June 5, 2021 - Jack to the Sound of the Underground Stream - HALIFAX, CANADA

May 29, 2021 - Vino Recordings @ Belly Of The Beast - Minneapolis, MN


May 21, 2021 - CELEBRATE Stream-A-Thon - Minneapolis, MN


May 2, 2021 - Solid Foundations | KFAI Radio - Minneapolis, MN


April 16, 2021 - GROOVE INTENTIONS Stream-A-Thon - HALIFAX, CANADA

January 1, 2021 - HouseProud Stream - Minneapolis, MN


October 8, 2020 - HouseTrain Radio - Minneapolis, MN

October 8, 2020 - Diggin' Deeper REPLAY - Madison, WI

October 2, 2020 - Diggin' Deeper - Madison, WI


December 26, 2019 - Sizzled Cape Town - SOUTH AFRICA


December 21 - Vino Recordings Holiday Party @ The Beast - Minneapolis, MN


September 20, 2019 - Conga Latin - Minneapolis, MN


June 22, 2019 - Somewhere MPLS (Niles Shepard Hoedown) - Minneapolis, MN


April 19, 2019 - Housin' Project @ The Exchange - Minneapolis, MN


February 9, 2019 - Electric Dreams @ The Hexagon - Minneapolis, MN


LIVE RECORDINGS (CLICK ME): Though I have been truly humbled by the overwhelming response to my production, I have always considered myself a dj first (from the 90's rave scene to today). I've worked extremely hard at perfecting what I consider my calling...far more than just "playing my production" and I'd like to think that my dj skills prove this. I have persistantly sweat over the decks since 1994 doing what I love, learning the art of turntablism the best I can, and challening myself in creating ongoing sets that gets bodies moving. Please enjoy the mixes. All of them are 100% LIVE. The only trickery was in leveling out the dBs or a possible record-skip.



7/23/21: Nate Laurence - Oh That's Funky - Pluralistic Records PLR035 (Digital). Includes: Met Her On The Dancefloor, Thuggin, Beats Bass N SkiBop.

5/31/21: Various Artists (Jackin Jazz 6) - Hi Reaction CAT494937 (Digital). Includes: Nate Laurence - Loopy Pops.

5/11/21: Nate Laurence - Swipe Left (Single) - Do U Boo DUB004 (Digital).

3/31/21: Nate Laurence - Lick A Shot - Do U Boo DUB003 (Digital). Includes: Lick A Shot / Lick A Shot (Techbomber Remix) / Lick A Shot (T. Mixwell Remix).


3/26/21: Nate Laurence - Damnation - InStereo Recordings INS405 (Digital). Includes: Damnation.

2/11/21: Nate Laurence - Pick It Up EP - Do U Boo DUB002 (Digital). Includes: All Day (Re-release), Stickx, No Wall Flowers.

1/11/21: Nate Laurence - Phuk Ibiza - Phunk Junk Records (Digital). Includes: Phuk Ibiza.

1/5/21: Nate Laurence - Got Dang EP - Do U Boo DUB001 (Digital). Includes: RubberButt, Dang Chill, Always Coping.

12/14/20: Various Artists - Midwest Hustle MHM292 (Digital). Includes: Nate Laurence - Lil' Gringo Loco (Re-release).

11/12/20: Nate Laurence - All Day (Single) - Pluralistic Records PLR023 (Digital).


10/5/20: Nate Laurence - Shock Rocker (Single) - Midwest Hustle MHM288 (Digital).

9/17/20: Nate Laurence - HouseyHouse Dessert EP - Pluralistic Records PLR020 (Digital). Includes: You're Too Much / Venus At A Distance / New Yorkers On Acid.


8/28/20: Nate Laurence - Rondezvous (Single) - WhiteBeard Records WBR161 (Digital).

8/22/20: Nate Laurence - HouseyHouse Seconds EP - Pluralistic Records PLR018 (Digital). Includes: Everything's Everything / I Really Don't Mind / Busy Grizzy.


8/14/20: Nate Laurence - HouseyHouse EP - Pluralistic Records PLR017 (Digital). Includes: Already / Da Zid Ed / Soul Thang.

7/19/20: Nate Laurence - Long Lost Trax EP - Pluralistic Records PLR015 (Digital). Includes: Sweet Tooffle / Goo Yeah / Flow321 / Time Capsulate.


4/28/20: Nate Laurence - Covidamins EP - Pluralistic Records PLR014 (Digital). Includes: BettaWerk / En Stuff / Sprung.


3/19/20: Nate Laurence - MonoMyth EP - Pluralistic Records PLR012 (Digital). Includes: Monolith / MonoRhythmic / MonolithiZm.


11/22/18: Drubes - UP Album - Pluralistic Records PLR011 (Digital). Includes: Growler / When This Baby Hits 2:15 (You're Gonna Hear Some Serious Shit) / South Bronx / Anatomy / Body Rock / Trump's Massive Dump / Up! / Wish You Didn't / Buck Dat / Liberation Is Love / What You Came To Do.


11/8/18: Nate Laurence – Hermitical EP – Pluralistic Records PLR010 (Digital). Includes: Hermitical / Badonkadonk / ThirtySix Fourty Four.


12/30/17: Nate Laurence - Pulsation Misconduct EP – Beat Thesis BT009 (Digital). Includes: Plastic / Po Five Oh / That You Do.


11/9/17: Nate Laurence - 40 Trips Around The Sun EP - Pluralistic Records PLR007 (Digital). Includes: 40 Trips Around The Sun / 40 Trips Around The Sun (Acid Reflux Mix) / 40 Trips Around The Sun (T Mixwell Turbulance Remix).


3/15/17: Nate Laurence - For U And U EP - Pluralistic Records PLR005 (Digital). Includes: StarLit / Okay Groovy Man/ Da Bottom / Da Bottom (Eat HotDish Mix).


8/8/16: Nate Laurence - Crash Your Squad EP - Pluralistic Records PLR004 (Digital). Includes: Lil Gringo Loco / Adaquatulence / Aye Natural.


3/8/16: Nate Laurence & Scrubfish - Computer Controlled EP - Pluralistic Records PLR003 (Digital). Includes: German Chocolate / German Chocolate (Nate Laurence) / Eugene's Hippy Kids.


5/4/15: Nate Laurence - Return Of The Freshest Kid EP - Restricted Access Recordings RAR016 (Digital). Includes: Return Of The Freshest Kid / Return Of The Freshest Kid (612 Dub) / Deep In This Soul.


4/12/15: Nate Laurence - +27 EP - Pluralistic Records PLR001 (Digital). Includes: All My People / One Four Tha Two Seven / One Four Tha Two Seven (Power Two Tha Voxless Remix).


1/7/14: Nate Laurence - Gut Bombs II EP - Flapjack Records FLAPD50 (Digital). Includes: Addiction Reduction / Addiction Reduction (12 Step Dub Remix) / Moshi Potion / Melktart Facemelt (Busy Remix).


12/12/12: Nate Laurence – Tracing Souls EP – Answegg Records ANSR006 (Digital). Includes: Tracing Souls (HitWitDaGoodShit Mix) / Tracing Souls (TechSoul Mix) / Clowns Will Eat Me.


11/21/11: Nate Laurence - Little Tykes Party Kitchen EP - Delta Blue Records DB02 (Digital). Includes: Prodigies / Rumple Smooth Skin. Remixes by Foster Tanner & Ryan Anthony.


6/9/11: Nate Laurence - Gut Bombs EP - Flapjack Records FLAP015 (Vinyl/Digital). Includes: No Crapalous From Minneapolis / Handjobs For The NRA / Melktart Facemelt. Remix by Emil Lanne.


12/12/10: Nate Laurence - Ceaselessly Waiting EP - Mindtravel Recordings MIND009 (Vinyl/Digital). Includes: Emancipated / Drama Mama. Remixes by Jason Hodges & Fabio Bacchini.


11/26/10: Various Artists - Happy Bday Sampler - Funk Mansion Recordings FMR015 (Digital). Includes: Nate Laurence - Coitus Addictus.


11/3/10: Various Artists - Body Movement Sampler - Twisted Minds Recordings TMR004 (Digital). Includes: Nate Laurence - Vroom a la Boom.


2/10/10: Nate Laurence - Thought U Knew The 612 EP - Funkfield Recordings FF166 (Digital). Includes: Bboys Buck EDM Shots / Bboys Buck EDM Shots (Dubism) / Like Mama Used To Make Um.


8/28/09: Various Artists - New School Jackers Vol. 3 - Control Recordings CR021 (Digital). Includes: Nate Laurence & Scrubfish - Beatmaps & Burlap.


3/17/09: Nate Laurence & Scrubfish - The Freddie Fresh Allstar Flare EP - Guesthouse Music GM029 (Vinyl/Digital). Includes: People Like We / Pocket Jazz / The Freshest Kid.


10/8/08: Scrubfish & Laurence - Drunkle Bob & Aunt D'Lishus EP - Spatula City Recordings SPAT012 (Vinyl/Digital). Includes: Disco Papacy (Repress) / Sake To Me / Barfly / Creepin Hoodlum / Disco Papacy JibJab.


4/14/08: Various Artists - 4 Piece Set Vol. 1 - Spatula City Recordings SPAT008 (Vinyl/Digital). Includes: Scrubfish & Laurence - Disco Papacy.


1/31/08: Rocco Docko & Leon Fishbone - Salisbury Stank EP - Guess Who Records GWD005 (Digital). Includes: Ps & Qs (Rocco Docko) / One Bad Mutha (Leon Fishbone).


2/25/08: Nate Laurence - 1996 EP - Funkfield Recordings FFV106 (Digital). Includes: Shotty Bosquez & Me / Wall Flower / Scene Be Spent. Remix by Discouraged Ones.


10/15/08: Nate Laurence & Scrubfish - 94 East 2 West EP - Control Recordings CR007 (Digital). Includes: Sleepless Cold Nights / Funky Tambourines.


3/9/07: Rhythm Renewal - Douglas Esquire Vs. The Dogg EP - Flatpack Traxx FPT005 (Digital). Includes: Carbonated Keys / Dirty Down. Remixes by Uriah West, Quirk Burglars, Groove Federation, Sceneheadz, Craftsmen, & JR From Dallas.


TBA: Scrubfish VS Torrfisk - I Go (Nate Laurence) - Pluralistic Records (Digital).


5/20/21: JedX - Stomp On It (Nate Laurence Remix) - Pluralistic Records PLR031 (Digital).


5/7/21: DeLAIN - All Night (Nate Laurence Remix) - Down Right Dirty Records DRD037 (Digital).

1-20-21: Tommy Mental - Check This (Nate Laurence Remix) - Pluralistic Records PLR024 (Digital).


10-8-20: Col Lawton - Dancefloor (Nate Laurence Remix) - Pluralistic Records PLR021 (Digital).


2/29/17: T. Mixwell – Do That (Nate Laurence Remix) – Pluralistic Records PLR009 (Digital).

12/4/17: JedX - Crush On You (Nate Laurence) - Pluralistic Records PLR008 (Digital).


6/16/17: Jake Encinas - Moving Up (Nate Laurence Greedy White Man Remix) - Beat Thesis BT003 (Digital).


7/15/15: Funk Protectors & Cape Funk Cartel - From The South (Nate Laurence Midwest Muscle Mix) – Reason 2 Funk Records R2F0004 (Digital).


5/12/14: T. Mixwell & Scrubfish - Transmission (Nate Laurence) & Transmission (Nate Laurence Jessa'nother Bass Mix) - Restricted Access Recordings RAR014 (Digital).


3/31/14: Christian Alvarez ft. Marck Jamz - Only You (Nate Laurence SixOneTwo Remix) - Delecto Recordings DELECTO046 (Digital).


2/26/13: Chuck Love – Assemble Your Crew (Nate Laurence Remix) – Love Network LN005 (Digital).


5/20/12: DJ Dan & Uberzone – Bouncin (Scrubfish & Nate Laurence Remix) – InStereo Recordings INS067 (Digital).


3/13/12: Funkyloco - Going Down Like This (Nate Laurence Remix) - Maracuja Records MJ027 (Digital).


11/8/11: Fourfeet - Fade Away (Nate Laurence Remix) - Love Network Records LN003 (Digital).


1/3/11: Jam Funk - Vintage Groove (Nate Laurence) - Meltin Funk Recordings MF015 (Digital).


12/10/10: Inland Knights - Broke (Nate Laurence Fields of Deep Remix) - Funkfield Recordings FF190 (Digital).


8/24/10: Chuck Love - Minneapolis Comin At Ya (Nate Laurence MinneAcid Remix) - OneThirty Recordings 130D041 (Digital).


1/6/10: Bryan Jones - Body Move (Nate Laurence) - Funkfield Recordings FF162 (Digital).


12/11/09: Fabio Bacchini - Better Days (Nate Laurence) - Funkfield Recordings FF106 (Digital).


9/1/09: D-t3ch - Dusk To Dawn (Nate Laurence & Scrubfish) - Flapjack Recordings FLAP003 (Vinyl/Digital).


7/14/09: Real Time Hand Motion - Ants Pants (Nate Laurence & Scrubfish) - Serial Sickness SS008 (Digital).


1/26/09: Sexual Chocolate - Party In My Pants (Nate Laurence) - Junky Trunk JTR027 (Digital).


12/29/08: Romano Arcaini & Deim - Backbone (Nate Laurence Mouth Horn Remix) - Tight Recordings TIGHT009 (Digital).


8/13/08: Jackin' Box - The Funk Dance (Nate Laurence & Scrubfish) - Union Recordings UNION015 (Digital).


4/19/08: Bryan Jones - Far Far Away (Nate Laurence Remix) - Funkfield Recordings FFV108 (Digital).


9/3/07: Sceneheadz - MFN (Rhythm Renewal's Music To Mama's Ears Re-Rub) - Flatpack Traxx FPD004 (Digital).



5-10-21: Various Artists - The Best of 10 Yearrs So Far Vol. 02 - Maracuja MJ056 (Digital). Includes: Funkyloco - Going Down Like This (Nate Laurence Remix) - Maracuja.

8-5-16: Jus’ Jack Vol. 9 – Guesthouse Music GMCD074 (Digital). Includes: Nate Laurence & Scrubfish – The Freshest Kid – Guesthouse Music.


7-8-16: Jus’ Jack Vol. 8 – Guesthouse Music GMCD073 (Digital). Includes: Nate Laurence & Scrubfish – Pocket Jazz – Guesthouse Music.


6-17-16: Jus’ Jack Vol. 7 – Guesthouse Music GMCD072 (Digital). Includes: Nate Laurence & Scrubfish – People Like We – Guesthouse Music.


8-31-15: Vocal House Sessions, Vol. 5 – LW Recordings LWVHS05 (Digital). Includes: Nate Laurence – Return Of The Freshest Kid – Restricted Access Recordings.


7/21/14: 10 Years of Guesthouse Music Vol. 3 - Guesthouse Music GMCD048 (Digital). Includes: Nate Laurence & Scrubfish - People Like We & The Freshest Kid - Guesthouse Music.


7/9/12: Best of Guesthouse Music Vol. 10 – Guesthouse Music GMCD018 (Digital). Includes: Nate Laurence & Scrubfish – Pocket Jazz – Guesthouse Music.


5/20/12: Sounds of InStereo Vol. 2 Mixed by DJ Dan – InStereo Recordings INS067 (Industry Digital Mix). Includes: DJ Dan & Uberzone – Bouncin (Scrubfish & Nate Laurence Remix) – InStereo Recordings.


4/2/12: Ultimate House Vol. 5 – LW Recordings LWUHV05 (Digital). Includes: Nate Laurence - Rumple Smooth Skin – Delta Blue Records.


4/5/12: Underground Tokyo Vol. 5 – LW Recordings LWUT05 (Digital). Includes: Nate Laurence - Prodigies – Delta Blue Records.


12/26/11: Best of Guesthouse Music Vol. 7 – Guesthouse Music GMCD010 (Digital). Includes: Nate Laurence & Scrubfish – The Freshest Kid – Guesthouse Music.


10/24/11: Best of Guesthouse Music Vol. 6 – Guesthouse Music GMCD006 (Digital). Includes: Nate Laurence & Scrubfish – People Like We – Guesthouse Music.


11/8/10: Best of Guesthouse Music Vol. 1 – Guesthouse Music GMCD001 (Digital). Includes: Nate Laurence & Scrubfish – The Freshest Kid – Guesthouse Music.


1/29/10: Tonga - Future Act - Funkfield Recordings (Industry Digital Mix). Includes: Fabio Bacchini - Better Days (Nate Laurence Remix) & Bboys Buck EDM Shots (Dubism) – Funkfield Recordings.


1/18/10: Total Jackin' House Vol. 4 Total House – Total House TH014 (Digital). Includes: Real Time Hand Motion - Ants Pants (Nate Laurence & Scrubfish) – Serial Sickness.


9/23/09: Discouraged Ones - Behind The Funkfield - Funkfield Recordings (Industry Digital Mix). Includes: Nate Laurence - Scene Be Spent & Far Far Away (Nate Laurence Remix) – Funkfield Recordings.


4/29/08: Terry Mullan - Flip The Format - Moist Music (CD). Includes: Nate Laurence & Scrubfish - Sleepless Cold Nights – Control Recordings.